Small failure

Seeing as CLICK (the full version) has only been downloaded by the few people who I gave a key to, it's pretty clear that CLICK was, to some extent, a failure. I've reduced the price from $1.99, to $1.49, and now even as low as $1.00.  But, it hasn't been a complete failure. Most people like playing it (I think), and I've learned a lot.

Overall, CLICK is pretty decent. It's fun (at least in my opinion), but it still has a tiny amount of bugs. The real reason it failed is because my platform for advertisement isn't very large (@UnknownGamesRAD). I will probably try streaming some more on Twitch for my next major project. I programmed the original version of CLICK mostly at school, actually — it's actually also fun, you should try it. It's a little different than the complete rewrite from scratch that you may (or may not) be familiar with — for example, it has another core mechanic: AIs (both enemies and friendly ones), which sadly ended up proving too unintuitive. Another thing that called for this complete overhaul was a new physics system. The original physics system was extremely buggy. The current version may be a tad buggy but it's much less buggy than the version that I've posted here. The complete rewrite was a godsend, and it's interesting that I even managed to amass enough motivation to do the rewrite. I actually enjoyed it.

Now, onto more relevant things (and positive) things! CLICK is really fun! It has so many cool platforms (although, a few never happened due to limitations of my custom physics "engine" combined with pure malaise). The leaderboard is awesome, and a completely new thing to me, so I've learned a lot from it. Another huge thing I learned was that the physics system CLICK is using — which is based on Newtonian physics — is unnecessarily complex, it's much easier to do it with a more brute force intuition-type system: you hit a wall, you stop. The physics system CLICK uses actually applies an equal and opposite force (newton's third law) to the player, and has friction if you're touching the top of a block. This is completely unnecessary and just serves to over-complicate things and make bugs even more difficult to troubleshoot.

All in all, I loved CLICK. Every iteration of it. The idea of it, how much everyone (even me) seemed to think it was fun, creating it in general — the whole process. I loved the feedback, and trying to fix it. Coming up with new levels. Making the themes. Every thing was it's own challenge, and that's common when you're working on a game. I love that feeling of tackling a challenge, and I love learning new things from it.

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